tyrian_05Roughly half of TSLís business is concerned with shipbroking, and this aspect of our activities is primarily focused on the General Cargo and Bulk and Container and RoRo market. As the company has a core skill and expertise in General Cargo and Container markets, we also tend to specialise in other major sectors like Gas and Tankers and offshore and Project & Heavy Lift. Our shipbroking services cover both sale & purchase and chartering and demolition elements of the business. Our shipbroking activities will cover all of the main transport areas of activity, from the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, West Africa, the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, India, and South East Asia.

 Charter of sea vessels: We are highly committed and currently provide independent brokering services; which includes open tonnage and cargo offers for ship-owners, charterers, and brokers. We possess the required expertise in chartering suitable ships for nominated cargoes worldwide and vice versa. We fix all the major General Cargo and Bulk and Container carrier and  sizes and cover all trades. We can also handle cargoes of cement, wheat, rice and food grain. Other commodities include iron ore, coking coal, industrial coal and sulphur etc... In addition, we also deal in break bulk cargoes of steel, steel products and timber logs. We also possess the required expertise to find suitable vessels for project and heavylift cargoes of all types. At present we scout vessels for cargoes such as reactors, boilers, generators, transformers and rolling stock such as locomotives, bull dozers, cranes and railway equipment.We fix charters for all types of offshore vessels including tugboats, barges, supplyboats, landing crafts etc. We are able to assist clients in finding suitable tyrian_06tankers for their cargoes worldwide especially small size tankers. And all our shipbroking activities will be under one of the following types of contracts: Voyage Charter, Time Charter, Contract of Affreightment /COA, and Bare boat Charter.

Sell and Purchase of sea vessels: One of our major activities is the Sale and Purchase which is actively involved in the selling of second hand vessels belonging to shipowners and acquiring replacement vessels to suit their needs. We maintain a widespread regional and international network of brokers worldwide and maintain a good relation with Direct/Exclusive owners. Our main aim is to create a more cohesive working environment with our clients to find out exactly what they are looking for and to what extent we can be of service to them. We are able to cover all major markets, with a firm emphasis on the following vessel types:  

  • Bulk Carriers - All Sizes
  • Tankers - Clean, Dirty, Chemical
  • General Cargo Vessels
  • RoRo and Car Carriers
  • Container Carriers and Feeders

 Demolition: Our Company is able to arrange the sale of vessels for demolition. Although we are new entrants in this sector, but we maintain good contacts with numerous ship breakers yards in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China as well as  cash buyers who are always ready to purchase and take delivery to scrap yards. Our aim is to provide our clients with competitive pricing combined with a reliable performance.


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